Bench Estates

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Lot 1A - The West & North Lake View

With this lot & house project, we decided to capitalize on the almost unobstructed views and sun exposure to the South, West & North.  Our team came up with a well proportionate eye catching design. This 3 or potentially 4 bedrooms home is a masterpiece of flow and light planning.

Estimate Cost: Lot & Build

$1.5M - $2.1M  Pending options.

Timeline: Building Permit in place

Lot 2 A - Design Concept

Here with lot 2A,  we had the opportunity to work with a substantially larger and well positioned lot. We then quickly realized that the possibilities are vast. Unobstructed views, bordering the Esplanade park and a quick trail access the the lake make this lot one of the best in Penticton. This lot is adjacent to one of Penticton's most lavish homes.

Lot Cost:  Inquire

Building Cost: as required

Timeline: Spring 2021

Lot 3A - Three Designs Available

Lot 3A is likely the most self reviling lot.

The lot nestle right on the bench and offers commanding views of the lake. 

Bordering the Esplanade park and quick access to the lake and KVR makes this lot an easy choice.

Lot Cost:  Inquire

Building Cost: as required

Timeline: Spring 2021

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