Things to know when buying a diamond.

While ultimately the best advice is likely go buy from a true expert that is trustworthy. Unfortunately that not always the case.

For what ever it’s worth, here are few pointers I would Highly recommend.

  1. Buy only a GIA or AGS certified diamond.

  2. Buy a diamond with complimentary grades (Avoid contrasts such as high colour with low clarity or excellent colour & clarity with lower cut).

  3. Buy only natural untreated diamonds.

  4. Florescence grade can have a great impact on a diamond visual & price. “None” is the premium grade, with great tolerance for faint. Medium Blue works well with lower colours such as I & J As well as None and Faint. Resist the discount and avoid Strong & Very Strong grades.

  5. When possible and for sure when at par, choose a Canadian diamond (With the maybe only exception for Argyle Pink).

Diamonds have a great social function when getting engaged or adorning a loved one with jewellery. Buying a diamond as an investment is a more involved proposition and require a higher skills and expertise.

These are very basic but important pointers IMO. I still highly recommend working with a trustworthy expert.

Regards, Ran.